Multifamily Investments

As a real estate investment management company recognized for its experience in multifamily, Berkshire deploys capital through a broad range of investment opportunities in major U.S. markets, whether in equity, debt, or development transactions.

By combining research-driven, top-down analysis on market fundamentals with its bottom-up submarket knowledge, a proprietary due diligence process and skilled operations personnel, Berkshire believes that it can identify investments that are likely to outperform the market

Multifamily Acquisitions

Berkshire focuses on attractive opportunities in select markets, acquiring high quality multifamily properties in major metropolitan markets and respective submarkets throughout the U.S. with expected growth prospects and fundamentals, and close proximity to major employers, public transportation, entertainment and retail.

With nine professionals and four regionally focused acquisitions teams active in local markets, Berkshire has a nationwide presence, in over 30 top markets.  


Berkshire pursues development opportunities typically in a joint venture with development partners experienced in their local market. Berkshire has a dedicated and experienced in-house development group, which evaluates, structures and works with its development partners in planning the development, construction and lease-up process. The team has extensive relationships and an established pipeline with local development partners.

Berkshire’s team includes senior professionals with backgrounds in real estate development, engineering, urban planning and construction management, who have worked to plan and develop a wide variety of real estate projects. 

Multifamily Debt

Berkshire has multifaceted experience in debt-related multifamily transactions, enabling the team to identify and offer debt strategies designed to meet investor objectives, including mezzanine, preferred equity and discounted debt purchases.

Berkshire’s team includes professionals with deep knowledge of the debt markets and experience in underwriting debt instruments. Berkshire constantly evaluates appropriate entry points in various positions throughout the capital stack.